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Putin says peace talks with Ukraine are at dead end, goads the West

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Ukraine military buries its dead

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Ukraine police say 900 civilians found dead in Kyiv

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Dead ukraine Russian missile

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Ukraine uses facial recognition to send photos of dead Russian soldiers to their families

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  • His only public appearance in the past week was at the funeral of a nationalist lawmaker, where he did not directly address the war.

  • A National Police official said in emails shared with The Post that the agency scanned the face of an unidentified body found in Kharkiv with its head caved in and was pointed to the VK profile of a 32-year-old man who had been photographed with supporters of the Kharkiv People's Republic, a separatist group.

Ukraine police say 900 civilians found dead in Kyiv

Konashenkov said the military also fired Iskander land-based missiles to destroy four ammunition depots and three groups of Ukrainian troops near Popasna and Kramatorsk in the east and Yampil in central Ukraine.

  • government has engaged cautiously in, for fear of triggering a global war.

  • According to the Peacemaker center, which researches crimes committed by Russian separatists in the Ukraine war, she is 41 years old.